Bangalore-born G. Deepak Pawar has over 25 years of experience in chronicling and photographing for posterity the major corporate events and personalities of the country and Global Corporate Heads.

His passion for the artistic also drew him decades ago into fine-art photography, an area in which he has accumulated a rich and valuable portfolio and held solo shows.

Starting to write with light and as early as the 1980s, under the guidance of his late father, G.G. Pawar, Deepak started his career freelancing with various publications in India. His photographs, mainly of corporate denizens and events, were published in a large number of Indian and international publications, including Business Week, Electronic Business Asia, Asia Inc. Business India, Business World, Computers and Communications, Computers Today, Smart Inc, Dataquest, Illustrated weekly, Savvy, Stardust, and Inside Outside.

He was also a consultant from 1993 to 2000,staffer from 2000 to 2012 for the leading business magazine, Business Today, and was associated with other titles of the reputed India Today Group.

Even as he earned his living through corporate and news photography, Deepak also developed his skills in fine-art photography, focusing on the combination of light and a variety of materials to create a photographic art that was both abstract and expressive, suffused with a myriad shapes, colors, and emotions. His art is without a brush and a palette of paints, but which instead exploited the potential of new genre in photography which opened new vistas to the artist.

"The technique which I have used in the abstracts is deliberate mismatch film and lighting, shot on daylight film with tungsten lighting, using translucent materials, with a very shallow depth of field, all on a table," according to Deepak. After a number of years, and exposing over 500 rolls of 35mm film and printing them, the exacting professional selected only about 50 images which he thought worth exhibiting.

He had a charity solo show in Bangalore's Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1997 in favor of Cancer Patients Aid Association, to fulfill a promise to his mother Yashoda who had died of cancer.

In 1998, he qualified to hold a solo show in NCPA Mumbai at the Piramal Art Gallery, and the abstract show which ran for two weeks was called Visual Dialogue.

Deepak has for over ten years honed his skills on new digital technologies, both in his fine art, and corporate and news photography.

In news and corporate photography, he specializes in executive portfolios, visuals for company annual reports, lifestyle, architecture, industrial, and candid wedding photography, using his experience in the use of artificial and ambient light across a variety of media.

Deepak, who can effectively communicate in English, Marathi, Kannada, and Hindi, also brings to an assignment ease and experience in communicating with a variety of subjects - including corporate and other celebrities - in a variety of situations.

He credits his success to his parents, and the continuous support of his wife Gnaneswari.